Palaces and Gourmet Dining: Flash Mobs Get Fancy

Food Lovers, New York, Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 11, 2011 at 9:26 am

Most of us love a good surprise…especially if it involves a gourmet meal. But how would you like a surprise meal on the L train to Brooklyn…especially if it’s served up by a flash mob from A Razor, A Shiny Knife?

In perhaps the most perfectly choreographed flash mob ever, a group of three young men transformed a train car in New York into a five-star dining experience, including tables, linens, silverware, a maitre d’hotel, and of course, well-dressed hosts.

How did they pull it all off? Everything was timed right down to the very second. Train-goers were gathered, led to the appropriate car, and then seated at “tables” (black planks with holes to hold glasses). Over the next little while, guests were served a six-course meal, including caviar, foie gras and filet mignon, and even a dessert of chocolate panna cotta.

Daniel Castano and Michael J. Cirino hopped on at Sixth Avenue & 14th Street to serve the first course, including bone marrow mayonnaise and trout roe (seriously). In the video, one of them jokes: “But you only have four minutes to eat it.” At another stop, bearers bringing soup came onboard.

The whole thing went off without a hitch, although the Metropolitan Transportation Authority weren’t impressed. They rarely have a sense of humor about these things. But check out the video for yourself:


In other recent elaborate flash mobs, tourists outside Buckingham Palace were treated to a huge dance routine in honour of the royal wedding. Officially dubbed the Big Dance Royal Flashmob, more than 100 dancers from the University of East London performed to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Very appropriate.

The whole thing was actually arranged by the palace to celebrate Will & Kate’s romance, to and honour young people in the performing arts. The Royals are certainly getting hip these days.

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