Sheep is Our Copilot

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Driving the equivalent of Tijuana to Seattle is a daunting task. But doing that trip with a sheep baaaaing and chewing on some hay in the back of your mid ’90s station wagon? Well that’s just a little crazy. But according to The DailyMail,

A British man is driving 1,250 miles to Slovenia – with a sheep in the back of his car.

The British man, David, is taking the 28 hour road trip with his four-year-old daughter because he is gifting the sheep to the people of Zrece. The sister-town of his hometown of Sedbergh.

Zrece, Slovenia is a place he has visited several times before to work with the singers of a local choir. The singers commented that they would love a reminder of his village, and so David decided to bring them a real treat, err a sheep. And to top it off the breed of sheep he’s bringing can only be found within a ten mile radius of Sedbergh; really, the perfect gift. Unable the fly the sheep, the only option is to hit the open road and make the journey by land.

Image: The U.S. National Archives’/Flickr

If you think driving a sheep is a little weird, it’s definitely not the most outlandish way to transport a sheep these days. The digital world has gotten into the sheep transportation business as well. In Zynga’s new Lady Gaga themed Farmville, sheep can ride motorcycles around the virtual farm while listening to Lady Gaga’s newest single “Born this Way.” The game was released May 23rd and is a Farmville knock off called, wait for it, GagaVille, according to¬†MTV News.

Maybe you’ve never driven with a sheep, and perhaps Lady Gaga is on your car’s “do not play” list, but who hasn’t taken a road trip with their pet before? Ever had an amazing or terrible experience? We’d love to hear about it.

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