Road Tripping: A Perfect Opportunity to Get Really, Really Fat

Food Lovers, Travel News — By Jared Karol on May 25, 2011 at 12:28 pm

While traveling most of us indulge in food that isn’t exactly beneficial for our waistlines. But that’s okay because, hey, we’re on vacation, and we don’t want to be strapped down by dietary rules and calorie counts.We want to live it up and explore, and if the local delicacy is bathed in oil and butter. . .Oh, well! Who knows when we might be back again?

But we don’t actively look for food that will make us fat, do we? Most likely the answer is no. But now Dunkin’ Donuts is giving you the opportunity to do just that with the recent introduction of the DD Trip Planner on their website.

Simply type in your location and your destination and Dunkin’ Donuts will give you all the details you need to hit each and every one of their stores between points A and B. The trip planner provides necessary details such as store hours, drive through availability, and even directions that can be sent directly to your phone, making it easier than ever to add a few extra pounds on your road trip.

Image: Mr. T in DC/Flickr

How nice of Dunkin’ Donuts to do that for us.

The iconic chain, known primarily for its coffee, is especially popular on the East Coast in states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida. While driving through the East you’re bound to spot their familiar orange and purple sign at least once (or two dozen times) between where you are and where you’re going.

All weight-gain jokes aside, we do think this is pretty clever. And who are we kidding, we would take a Chocolate Frosted Coffee roll over the banana and granola our mom used to pack on car rides any day.

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