This Place Exists: Stockholm Metro Art

Travel News — By Rachel Greenberg on May 27, 2011 at 12:08 pm

Clocking in at 110 kilometers long, Stockholm’s subway system has been dubbed the, “longest art exhibit in the world.” Whether or not you would classify the design of the metro stations as “art”, you still gotta admit they’re pretty darn cool. Since the 1950s over 150 artists have been commissioned to create unique works of painting, sculpture and relief for the subway system.

For a full list of all the participating stations and the art they feature, check out Stockholm’s official transportation site SL for a PDF guide.

Image: Milton CJ/Flickr

Image: Milton CJ/Flickr

Image: SteFou/Flickr

Image: vargklo/Flickr

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Image: Fozzman/Flickr

Image: Rabulist/Flickr

Image: h3idi.harman/Flickr

Image: jagaland/Flickr

Image: khoogheem/Flickr

Image: vargklo/Flickr

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