Aussie Birds Know How to Party

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Alright, let’s say it all-together now: I will NOT buy shots for lorikeets anymore.

Talk about a bird not knowing how to handle its liquor. Seems these colorful Australian parrots like to party as much as the Aussie people, described as “hyperactive” and “clownish” in both captivity and the wild. Although this is pretty charming most of the time, during the summer months the birds begin to eat fermented berries and disaster strikes a few hours later when, according to TreeHugger, they begin to¬†fall out of the sky wasted.

Pretty funny to visualize, but not so for the people who live on the outskirts of Darwin, AU who deal with their loud and boisterous ways in the middle of the night. They are also the ones when end up taking them to the vet when someone screams, “Another one down!”

Image: Arran_Edmonstone/Flickr

These parrots better watch out – dozens of starling birds were found dead in Romania back in January of this year, and not from natural causes. It seems their consumption of the grape marc, a pulpy residue which is a by-product of winemaking, was the key to their demise.

A similar thing happened in Austria in 2006, where 40 birds mysteriously fell from the sky. Like the birds in Romania, it seems these Austrian birds had been eating rotting berries, which had fermented into alcohol. The sad part for both is that it seems their choice of food was due to a lack of other options.

Back in Australia, local vet Dr. Cutter noted that it may not even be plants with alcohol getting the birds drunk, that it may in fact be toxins in a plant causing the issue. Sure, Dr. – that’s what they all say.

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