Meatless in Seattle: Man Caught With 90 Pounds of Sheep Meat in Luggage

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on June 8, 2011 at 10:32 am

In the past we’ve reported several stories of smuggling: using diapers to smuggle cocaine, a monk smuggling a nun’s bones, and someone trying to get 95 live boa constrictors on a plane. While this story isn’t exactly smuggling (the passenger did declare he was carrying meat) it’s equally just as strange as some of those stories.

According to The Washington Post, an Ethiopian traveler was stopped at Dulles International Airport in Washington and found to have almost 90 pounds of cooked sheep meat. The meat — which was cooked in a red gravy — was separated into 15 bags spread across six suitcases. According to Christopher Hess, CBP port director for the Port of Washington:

Customs and Border Protection agriculture typically encounter similar food products arriving from Africa, but the sheer volume makes this an extraordinarily unique seizure.

Image: James Bowe/Flickr

It is customs policy to deny the entrance of animal products from countries known to have animal diseases (e.g. swine flu). The sheep meat was destroyed by officials. One can only wonder what plans the man had with the meat, but we hope it would have involved fluffy rice, roasted potatoes, and seasoned veggies. His final destination was Seattle. Guess you could say he made a ba-a-a-aad judgement call.

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