Top Gay-Travel Destinations Announced

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on June 9, 2011 at 10:01 am

Move over, San FranciscoNew York City is now the world’s favorite gay destination!

Really, is it any surprise? The city that never sleeps has long been on the bucket list for many travelers, and for gay folks, it’s no different. Busy nightlife, vibrant arts scene, millions of people…you really don’t have to go far to find something to keep you busy. Plus with comprehensive sites like Best Gay New York, you have all your resources for gay travel right at your fingertips.

A survey placed the city as number one, followed by Sydney at second, Rio de Janiero at third, Paris at fourth, and—surprisingly—San Francisco at fifth.

Photo: Kevin Coles/Flickr

Gay-friendly destination travel in the US is definitely on the rise. Consider Atlanta’s newly installed gay nightclub in one of its casinos, the first ever in the city. Owner Joel Ballesteros said on the first night, the club filled and people danced ‘til the early morning in celebration.

Recently, released a list of “most underrated gay-friendly cities” in the US, including unlikely places like Detroit and Sacramento. Then there’s Columbus, Ohio, with an active GLBT scene due to the busy Ohio State University and the city’s governmental importance. Neighborhoods like Short North and the German Village also have tons of gay-friendly attractions.

The other cities on the list include Kansas City, Missouri, the Mormon-populated Salt Lake City, Utah, and New Haven, Connecticut. In Forth Worth, Texas, a city with a population of just 500,000, there are gay bars and cultural centres abound.

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