Orlando vs. NY: Tourist Capital Throwdown

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on June 20, 2011 at 10:50 am

As if the US didn’t have enough to disagree over, New York and Orlando have been taking potshots at each other about the number of tourists each city sees in a year. Orlando — its biggest draw being the Disney World resort — has long held the crown for most visitors per year but, according to The Telegraph, New York appeared to have surpassed its rival last year when it lured in 48.7 million tourists. Or at least that’s what New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Both cities have been vying to break the elusive 50 million mark in recent years. Although Bloomberg stated New York was winning the race, it’s not totally clear if that’s true. Figures showed that Orlando pulled in 51.5 million visitors, beating New York by almost 3 million tourists.

Image: Anthony Quintano /Flickr

But the dispute doesn’t end there. George Fertitta, New York’s tourism chief, says that Orlando is counting visitors to sites outside of city limits, including Disney World which shares space with neighboring counties, Orange and Osceola. He is quoted as saying,

Visit Orlando counts travellers to three counties and 36 different cities and towns in the greater Orlando area. That’s almost like us counting pilgrims to Woodstock in New York City’s total.

Visitor-padding Orlando? Tisk, tisk.

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