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New Features — By Alex Resnik on June 24, 2011 at 2:48 pm

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the photo galleries on NileGuide must be worth a thousand wordy postcards from friends on travels around the globe. Just like those postcards, our new photo galleries give you a taste of the world’s destinations, restaurants, nightlife, things to do, and hotels — and just like your worldly friend, NileGuide is full of insider tips to fill in the blanks.

So check it out: go to any destination page on NileGuide like, oh, let’s say San Francisco (yes, we’re partial), and click on the thumbnails on the left of the banner image.

You’ll be taken to a slideshow full of photos of whatever destination you’re interested in, whether it’s San Francisco or Tallinn, Estonia (we also love Tallin, by the way).

Got it? Ok so now let’s get into the nitty gritty: our photo galleries don’t end at the destination level. In fact, if you’re trying to research just about any restaurant, diner, bar, club, dive, zoo, museum, quirky street, monument, merriment, hostel, or hotel on NileGuide, chances are you’ll findĀ an insanely detailed gallery full of photos to help you out. Let’s imagine you’re trying to find a place to crash in downtown San Francisco, and you come across the Hyatt Regency San Francisco — maybe the pyramidal concrete obelisk is just your style.

Click on any of the thumbnails at the bottom of the main picture on the hotel’s description page, and you’ll again be taken to a photo gallery, one that’s all about the hotel. Hey, you can even see what rooms look like before you make a reservation.

So get on NileGuide and start gathering valuable information (and pictures) for your next trip! We’ll keep working to make sure no point of interest is left undocumented, that no destination is left un-photographed from every possible angle!

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