Foul-Mouthed Passenger Gets More Than a Slap on the Wrist

Travel News — By Jared Karol on June 24, 2011 at 11:03 am

Who hasn’t had a frustrating experience with an airline? Flight delays, lost luggage, long layovers, crappy food…we could list our grievances all day. As seasoned travelers and considerate people we’d like to think we weather airport frustration with the calm of Mother Theresa…but who are we kidding? After a few choice swear words under our breath we usually feel better.

And we’re not the only ones. We bet you’ve used adult language to express your dissatisfaction during your travels too. Even though we’ve all done it, we’ve never been kicked off the plane for it. If only 37 year old Robert Sayegh from Brooklyn, New York could say the same.

Photo credit: jlk.1/Flickr

According to, Sayegh was unimpressed with Atlantic Southeast Airline’s promptness in boarding passengers for its flight from Detroit Metro to Newark. After he and the other passengers were made to wait for 45 minutes at the gate, Sayegh was finally seated, only to use colorful language to ask why it was taking so long for the overhead bins to be closed.

Apparently, his language was colorful enough for the plane, which had already taxied on the runway, to return to the terminal, and for him to be escorted off the plane by police.

Sayegh says the incident is ridiculous and that he is embarrassed and outraged that this has happened to him. Furthermore, he plans to sue the airline, stating that in Brooklyn, they “curse as adjectives.”

That may be true, but one thing we’ve learned from our travels is that you’ve got to adapt to the local customs. You know, When in Rome. . .Perhaps in Detroit they don’t curse as adjectives. Either way, we suggest that when you encounter your next travel displeasure, you paint your canvass with a more neutral pallet.

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