Marriott’s New Hotel-Themed FB Game Has People Going Crazy

Food Lovers, Travel News — By christinegarvin on July 6, 2011 at 4:38 pm

We’re not sure why people would want to run a hotel kitchen (the smell of food and lots of stress?), but apparently a lot of people do. At least so it would seem when a self-professed “hospitality junkie” takes to a new Farmville-style Facebook game put out by Marriott.

While we’re not quite sold on using juicy Facebook time to cook a fake juicy burger, Susan Deluzain Barry, who led hotel sales and marketing efforts in the hotel industry for ten years, went on a 36 hour binge playing the game, according to a post.

She talks about the ups and downs of the cooks and kitchen equipment, food getting sent back, and General Managers yelling. She also offers insights on how to get to the next levels of the game, which she deems has great graphics and is intuitive in its application.

Image: MyMarriott/Facebook

Of course, Marriott is not the only one to jump onto the online game-playing field. Cruise on over to Orbitz Games, where you can pilot the Hovernaut and deliver price assurance checks! Or, if you want a bit more challenge, a bit less glamour, TravelPod offers a test on capitals and famous places around the world (yes, we are total dorks and found this one the most addictive).

Given, the Marriott game only has the kitchen portion up and running at the moment, which we’d imagine is the¬†toughest¬†place to work in a hotel – well, other than cleaning the toilets, of course. But it looks as if they’ll be adding other parts of the hotel soon.

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