Boeing Finally Re-Thinks the Flight Attendant Call Button

Offbeat, Travel News — By christinegarvin on July 7, 2011 at 1:35 pm

Are you guilty of accidentally pushing the flight attendant call button when all you wanted was a little bit of light to read your book?

Well, you aren’t the only one. Which we are guessing is why Boeing decided to finally move that darn button far away from the light button, and make it obvious that it’s the flight attendant button. According to an article on Odd News, the new 737 passenger jet will feature the divide, prompted by extensive research that found many people were afraid to push what they though might be the light button because they didn’t want to elicit a friendly, “May I help you sir?”

Other cool additions to the interior of the new planes include slightly plusher finishing and LED lighting. Maybe best of all, new luggage bins leave enough head space for a tall person to stand up in the seat next to the aisle (well, that’s the best for tall people, anyway).

Image: ampersandyslexia/Flickr

What are some other annoyances people encounter on planes? Well, David Pogue wrote a few years back about his animosity against the “no smoking in lavatory” signs, and Brett Goffin called out the over-verbal pilot in his bid to cut down on airplane irritations.

It also seems a lot of people would like to see a ‘families-only’ section on planes, with over 50% responding in the affirmative on a USA today poll. Much like smoking sections, we’re not sure these would protect you from the screams of an unhappy toddler though.

What’s the biggest change we’d like to see on a plane? Bigger seats, natch. Even us shorties have to squeeze in our legs, and we’re tired of fighting the six foot guy for an armrest. Our ultimate fantasy? Making a trip from San Francisco to New York in a couple of hours. Hey, we can dream.

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