Jetstar Passenger Urinates…But Not in the Restroom

Travel News — By Diana Salnik on July 14, 2011 at 8:00 am

A generous Jetstar passenger was kind enough to share his unique spray-yes, his urine- with passengers on a recent flight from Auckland to Singapore. Fellow passengers were quick to find out that the sound of running water was actually a drunk New Zealand passenger emptying his bladder on to a man’s leg, a woman’s scarf and the aircraft carpet.

Jetstar flyers got a show watching the urinater wobble back and forth while relieving himself in the aisle of the plane. The alleged man was seen mixing whiskey in a Burger King cup with a friend before the incident occurred. After the confiscation of his alcohol, the man was let off with a fair warning, the women with the scarf was handed towels and other travelers sat uncomfortably next to his urine stains for the duration of the remaining flight.

Image: skyfaller/Flickr

The incident, however, was not the first in which a customer decided to urinate outside of the restroom in his or her travels. In August of 1989, after being upset about the bathroom wait, Izzy Stradlin of Guns N’ Roses chose to urinate on a plane’s floor. But in Izzy’s defense, he is a rock star.

What are airlines doing about these drunk urinating passengers? Not much. Future flyers, watch out for that man mixing whiskey in a fast food cup near your aisle because your leg, scarf or carpet space could be next!

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