Next Time You Extend Your Honeymoon, Tell Your Family

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Yeah, sometimes it pays to check in with family.

Especially when you tell everyone before you leave town that you’ll be back on a certain day, and then not only do you not return that day, but you are gone for another three weeks.

Hopefully UK newlyweds Ben and Caroline Davies have learned their lesson after Canadian police searched for them for almost a month before spotting their black pickup truck about 150 miles from Vancouver.

They had been honeymooning through the countryside of British Columbia, and decided not to update their family that they were extending their stay in a notoriously easy place to get lost, run out of gas, or get kidnapped (okay, maybe not the last one). Family reported them missing, and Canadian police were on the hunt.

Image: C.G.P. Grey/Flickr

Sadly most hikers lost in B.C. aren’t so lucky. Back in June of this year, experienced hiker Darcy Turner went missing in Stein Valley Park in Canada after going out solo. And Tyler Wright embarked on what was supposed to be a 5-day jaunt in August of last year. Sadly, even though hopes were high he was just taking a few extra days out in the wilderness, he never returned home.

It is always a good idea to check in with friends or family when travel plans change, particularly if you are going into the wilderness for long periods of time, or to other unknown territories.

Luckily for the Davies’, not only were they safe, but the Canadian police will not be charging them for the cost of the search.

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