The Commuter Scooter Makes Being Late Fun

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on July 27, 2011 at 10:30 am

Picture this: you’re at the airline check-in, and you’ve just dropped off your luggage in a mad panic to make your flight to Vegas. The airline agent is giving you the tongue lashing of a century because you’ve dawdled so long, and you need to make it to your gate ASAP. You, however, glare right back at that agent without speaking a word, and then whip out your ultra-mega-super-cool commuter scooter, buckle-up your helmet, and silently tear away from the check-in like a bat out of hell.

Yes, this is all made possible with the new Micro-Luggage case…although we don’t think the helmet is actually necessary. It’s so lame, it’s cool!

The Micro-Luggage case is essentially a suitcase attached to a scooter. Both items can be used independently of each other, and it is being marketed as a way to “reduce your carbon footprint” and increase travel efficiency. The scooter-case is already selling at 250GBP a pop – weighing in at five kilograms, the scooter is not much bigger than your usual carry-on. But our skeptical minds couldn’t help but ask: can the Micro-Luggage case really get us to the gate that much faster? Shouldn’t we just run?

Well, naturally, a race was held to prove the point of scooter VS running:


Yup, you can save up to a full four minutes! Although, dude, if that’s your brisk walk/jogging pace, you might wanna consider upping your cardio work-outs.

What do you think, is the Micro-Luggage worth the price tag?

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