Newest Get-Back-at-Airlines by Writing-a-Viral-Song, Song

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So, we’ve finally figured out a way to get back at those rude flight attendants…

Well, we might need to work on our singing voice first. Otherwise our attempt at a YouTube hit may not live up to singer Dale Watson’s revenge-song to Tiger Airways.

The company, apparently grounded for the moment for some teensy-weensy safety issues, decided to slap a ridiculous $500 fee on a box of CDs Watson checked-in on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney back in April. Watson was heading to Sydney to play in a music festival, and planned to sell the CDs there.

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But, he didn’t. Because he couldn’t. Because they lost the CDs somewhere along the way. And they decided not to pay him any compensation.

So after months of hounding their customer service reps, Watson decided to take things into his own hands: make a music video about his woes with the company.

Lyrics to the song include:

“If you’ve got a complaint well, stand in line. Got a problem? Well that’s your problem, they don’t want to solve it. They’ll ignore you until you just run out of time.”


Guess what Tiger Airways decided to do after the video went viral? Yeah, the decided to pay up, to the tune of $2,500 – $500 to cover the fee they charged him, and $2k for damages.

But apparently Tiger Airways had been previously taken to task on YouTube. In 2007, the airline purportedly abandoned passengers at a Singapore airport on a flight destined for Thailand.

Still, Tiger Airways isn’t the only one who has brought on the wrath of a singer. David Carroll’s video about United Airlines breaking his guitar went viral a couple of years ago.

Now, If only if we could get compensation for all those times our luggage was lost!

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