Sinking City Sees Sightseers as Savior

Travel News — By Alex Resnik on August 4, 2011 at 4:35 pm

You think your city has problems? Well, let’s see… Is it rapidly sinking into the Adriatic Sea? Does it flood every year, forcing you to walk on wooden planks, or wade through high tide? Is your city in serious need of a $33 million rescue? Didn’t think so. But Venice is.

Despite its slightly soggy reputation, Venice has one thing going for it in spades: tourism. As much as Italians may decry the wear and tear tourists cause the city in foot traffic, the local economy depends on the constant influx of foreign cash. And according to the Daily Mail, Venetians are about to call on those same tourists for a bailout, quite literally.

Image: markltb/Flickr

Starting August 24, visitors to Venice will help foot the bill for a restoration project planned by local authorities. Hotel guests will pay a fee on top of their room rate based on a sliding scale: those staying at a five-star hotel will pay an extra five euros per person per night, and the fee drops from there based on the hotel’s star rating.

Hey, it’s a helluva lot better than those horrid billboards they plastered over famous buildings around town last year. We actually kind of like the idea of saving Venice from the soup with this “footprint-offset” system.

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