Prostitutes Invade Dutch Airport

Travel News — By christinegarvin on August 5, 2011 at 11:01 am

What does Amsterdam’s Shiphol Airport got that your local international airport doesn’t?

Nope, not marijuana. That other thing that Amsterdam is famous for.

Though it’s not Dutch prostitutes…ahem, courtesans that are raking in the cash from male travelers flying from place to place. At least not according to, who notes a report from De Telegraaf that Eastern European call girls are taking advantage of cheap flights into the airport. Because they can make so much more money in Amsterdam than in their home countries, the cheap airfare has made it possible for them to hop on a flight, do a couple of hours of work, then fly back home.

Image: antwerpenR/Flickr

Shiphol Airport is the main airport in the Netherlands and is the fifth largest one in Europe, but it isn’t the only international airport that has seen a recent rise in prostitution.

Last year, Philadelphia police busted a prostitution ring that operated out of airport hotels, which they claim had led to increased crime in the city. And back in 2005, Brazil attempted to crack down on child prostitution occurring at airports and bars as tourists flew in for Carnival.

So far, officials at Schiphol aren’t copping to the rumors of prostitution at the airport. But it sounds as if certain airport employees are, so they might want to say something soon.

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