Crazy Horse Continues to Ride Strong

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Mount Rushmore may get all the glory, but there’s a bigger monument in town. The Crazy Horse, a monument currently being built to honor the Native American war leader, is only a twenty mile drive from Mount Rushmore. When completed, Crazy Horse will be six-hundred and forty-one feet wide and five-hundred and sixty-three feet high, which would make it the worlds largest monument.

Located in Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, Crazy Horse’s head alone could fit the Rushmore-sized heads of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.Image: TravelingOnTheOutski…/Panoramio

Construction began in 1948 by Korczak Ziolkowski who set out to build a monument to the Oglala Lakota warrior riding into the distance on a horse. The artists chose to construct his masterpiece on a parcel of land that is sacred to Oglala Lakota. Sixty-three years later, his eighty-five year old widow Ruth Ziolkowski continues to work on Crazy Horse daily, although she still has not declared an end date for this larger than life piece of art.

Needless to say a monument this big, even in its unfinished state, has attracted a few spectators. There is now a visitor centre, museum, and gift shop. Each year a million people on average journey to gawk at Crazy Horse. Along with taking in its sheer size, visitors also get the chance to witness dynamite explosions as more rock is moved to continue the sculpting.

If you can’t make it to South Dakota to visit Crazy Horse you aren’t completely out of luck. Crazy Horse has a  live web cam on their website. The monument web cam also allows you to witness the viewing deck and scale model so you can really get the tourist-feel.

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