New 8-inch Folding Commuter Bike (That You Could Easily Bring on Your Next Trip)

Travel News — By christinegarvin on September 15, 2011 at 10:46 am

This is possibly the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.

Yanko Design has come up with a commuter bike that can fold up to 8 inches wide. That means it could easily fit on the subway even during rush hours, or you can sneak it on a plane in your backpack (well, maybe).

Plus, you don’t have to lift it, since the back wheel stays on the ground once it’s folded. So you can easily wheel it on a train whether you are in New York City or Berlin.

Image: Yanko Design

Problems? Well, as Tree Hugger relates, the wheels are also tiny, which may cause a bit of a problem when riding it around the city. Watch out for those potholes and uneven sidewalks!

Also, as some commenters note, a larger person might not do so well on the bike, simply for the fact that the wheels are so close to the ground already. Busted wheels are not a pretty thing.

There are more than a few other fold-up bikes currently on the market, as NYCEWheels relates. Those include electric fold-up bikes, full-size bikes that can fold down, and at least one that can roll on its hind wheel, similar to the Yanko Design.

Image: Yanko Design

So where can you pick up one of these tiny bikes to take on your next country-hopping excursion? Well, the only problem is that it’s in “prototype” phase, which means no one knows if or when it’ll make it to market.

For now, it just looks pretty and versatile in pictures.

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