Budget Travel Turns to Debt-Ridden Europe

Budget, Travel News — By christinegarvin on October 17, 2011 at 10:28 am

Maybe this will turn everything around for some unfortunate European countries.

Yes, even though Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain are having some serious cash-flow issues (hey, who isn’t?), their loss is our gain (well, at least for UK travelers who still have money to spend). Which may eventually be the economic gain of these debt-ridden countries, since tourism is skyrocketing.

The Daily Mail notes Hotels.com reported an 85% rise in searches for Spain hotels during this summer’s holiday season, as compared to last. Portugal had an 80% increase, Greece 78%, Italy 72%, and Ireland a 50% uptick.

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Sure, you may need to deal with some delays in Ireland and a revolution in Greece, but if you can find a direct route to the beach, it may be worth your while. Too bad the same wasn’t true for American tourists heading over to Europe, right? With the unemployment rate skyrocketing in the US, who has money for an expensive flight to Europe?

Not so fast, says Thomas Wagner in an Associated Press article back in April 2011. These countries also cobbled together flight and hotel packages for Yankees to make their way into Ireland, Greece, and Portugal. But you have to put in your time and do your homework to catch some of these great deals.

The tourism industry in these countries are banking on the lower prices keeping things afloat. Who knows, it may even lead to an economic rebound in the long run?

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