Motorcycle + Toilet. The Ultimate Travel Vehicle?

Active/Outdoors, Travel News — By christinegarvin on October 20, 2011 at 2:36 pm

This might just be over the top. Hopefully it just doesn’t overflow.

Yes, Japan’s largest toilet maker, TOTO, has created a motorcycle called the Toilet Bike Neo that is powdered completely by human waste. You read that correctly: human waste.

But it doesn’t stop there (no matter how badly you wanted it to). The bike also uses light imagery to write messages in the air, and plays music to entertain those watching the whole process (though hopefully not the refueling part).

Image: TOTO

The best part of all? The bike/toilet talks. Seems TOTO has already employed this technique with their in-home toilets. How nice of them to extend it to their poop-powered vehicle.

In case you think it’s just a bit too disgusting, it seems human-powered waste may not only the wave of the future, but be the thing that gets us off of fossil fuels. Even as far back as 2006, a Canadian company began using human sewage to produce heat and power in diesel engines and boilers. There’s also a bacteria,¬†Brocadia anammoxidans, which eats human waste and produces rocket fuel as a by-product.

So, per usual, Japan is ahead of the game in greening the planet. The¬†Toilet Bike Neo is a part of the TOTO Green Challenge, aiming to cut CO2 emissions in half by 2017. It’s a wonderful concept, as long as the owners do their business when parked in a closed and locked garage. Road-trippers, beware.

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