Complimentary In-Flight Cocktail Finally Comes to Virgin Atlantic Coach

Food Lovers — By christinegarvin on November 18, 2011 at 9:15 am

Here’s just another reason that Virgin Airlines rocks.

While you normally have to use cash or a credit card to get any sort of harder-than-tomato-juice beverage in coach, Virgin Atlantic provides a choice of cocktails with meal services, even for the little peons. But until recently, that only went for meal time.

Now, the little people officially get a complimentary welcome cocktail after boarding the plane, just like the big, bad first class-ers.

So what makes up this nectar of the gods? Well, it doesn’t officially have a name yet, but it is a blend of fruit juices and vodka (or just fruit juices if you are in the teetotaler frame-of-mind).

Image: travels of a monkey/Flickr

Not sure how this drink will compare to some of their other drinks, like the Virgin Redhead, which is only for the top 1% in Premium Economy or Upper Class. Muddled raspberries, fresh lemon juice, cassis and framboise liqueurs, Bombay Sapphire Gin, and champagne make up this tasty-sounding elixir for the elite.

While many European and Australian airlines offer complimentary cocktails in coach classes on their domestic flights, for US airlines, this option is virtually non-existent. As a New York Times article noted a couple of years ago, you will pay a minimum of $5 for beer, wine, and cocktails on almost all airlines.

Now we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that Virgin will bring these complimentary beverages over to their US counterpart. Cheers!

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