Twilight Fans: Rent out Bella and Edward’s Honeymoon Suite

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on December 23, 2011 at 7:00 am

That’s right, the famous honeymoon suite from the latest Twilight movie is available to rent. And if you do rent it, please let us know…because then we’re allowed to laugh at you.

It’s the site of Bella and Edward’s marriage consummation in Breaking Dawn: Part One, and the entire scene has caused more of a stir than Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding. The six-bedroom Brazilian retreat is called Casa em Paratey and is located in Mamangua Bay, 60 miles west of Rio De Janeiro near Paraty on a 720-foor private beach.

We don’t care whose marriage was consummated there, we’d take it!

Unfortunately it costs about $3,900USD a night (although other sites quote much higher numbers)…more than most people’s mortgage payments, and certainly more than what most 16-year old hardcore Twilight fans can afford.

Just the same, looking up images from the home is enough to inspire mad wanderlust: it was built on the fjord of Saco do Mamangua, and it can only reach it by boat or helicopter.

Photo: Santi E./Flickr

If you’re like most of us and seeking budget travel destinations, however, you can still tie your adventures in with Twilight. Other places like Forks in the US and Squamish in Canada are expecting some tourism as a result from the movies and/or books. They’re just as fun, right?

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