Posh Spice is the Newest British Ambassador

Travel News — By christinegarvin on March 15, 2012 at 11:37 am

In case you weren’t sure if you wanted to visit Britain anytime soon, the British tourist board is hoping Victoria Beckham’s never-smiling face will seal the deal.

Yep, Beckham is the newest ambassador to get people worldwide thinking, “yes, I definitely want to visit the country where Harry Potter was born.”

Though of course Beckham has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter or any sort of sorcerer’s stone (we think), she does have a lot to do with fashion. And somehow, the tourist board thinks this may be a draw to folks outside of the UK territory.

In a video Beckham will shoot for VisitBritain’s ‘Great’ campaign, she’ll focus on how ‘Fashion is Great’, according to the Daily Mail. Great.

Image: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

She, of course, runs a successful clothing line out of Britain that is apparently handmade. Her fashions can be found in 300 retail stores worldwide, and the announcement of her ambassadorship came during the 2012 Fashion Week in NYC.

Britain isn’t only banking on the former Spice Girls’ singer tightly wound dresses, but also a myriad of other British celebrities in its campaign to increase domestic tourism.

Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint and Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery, along with writer and comedian Stephen Fry and actress Julie Walters are also on tap to pump up both local and international interest in vacationing in the Mother Country.

We think Britain should get the Spice Girls back together for one last concert to promote all things British. Oh wait, that might drive the tourists away. Never mind, keep on.

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