Britain’s Olympic Volunteers Have Possibly the Ugliest Uniforms Ever

Travel News — By christinegarvin on April 4, 2012 at 2:59 pm

And you thought your work uniform was bad…

Hardly known for their outlandishness, the British volunteer uniform for the upcoming Olympics took a severe turn when colors were decided upon. Somewhat reminiscent of the inside of a Virgin Airlines plane, though maybe more pinkish and purplish, the uniforms are sure to get the volunteers noticed by those who need their assistance.

The outfit consists of a polo shirt with matching fleece, anorak, and rucksack. There’s even a straw hat with a nice pink ribbon sash wrapped around it.

Image: UK in Italy/Flickr

In typical British fashion, reactions to the outfits were polite and subdued. According to the Daily Mail, a marketing manager from London, Danielle Holdsworth said:

‘This is the first time we’ve seen the uniforms, and they’re certainly bright. They are quite out there, but we as ambassadors need to be out there so it’s totally the right thing to wear.’

Mmm hmm.

Don’t worry, it’s not just the volunteers that will be wearing these outstanding colors. In case you’ll be looking for information while wandering around the Olympics, the kiosks will also have a pink tinge to them.

We’re sure many of the Brits have more than a few choice – though still polite – words to say about the color scheme for this year’s Olympics in London. It may be a good idea to stop by the pub later on in the evening to hear their not-so-polite words about them.


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