Peach: New Grossly Pink Airline Starts Flying Over Japan

Offbeat, Travel News — By christinegarvin on April 4, 2012 at 2:51 pm

Airlines seem to be getting flashier and flashier. And now, apparently, pinker, according to Jaunted.

Japan, home to the Ganguro and Harajuku styles, now has a budget airline called, “Peach”, although its signature colors are pink and purple. Yes, the planes are pink and purple.

If that doesn’t make you feel safe against hitting color-blind birds, at least the prices might make you smile a bit wider. If you are in Japan and want to get from Osaka to Sapporo quickly, it’ll only cost you 4,780 yen, or $59, for a one-way trip. Osako to Fukuoka is 3,780 yen, or $46. Prices don’t include food and beverages or baggage check.

Image: Peach on Facebook

Peach is also backed by larger Japanese airline ANA, so at least it’s not just some random, brightly-colored fleet of planes named after a tasty fruit.

We have to admit we were happy to see a new airline take off in Japan as they neared the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the country. It’s a reminder of how hard-working and resilient the Japanese people are.

The airline plans to expand throughout the year, including routes to Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Naha. We wonder if there will be free peaches upon boarding, or if the flight attendants just pose with them for marketing purposes?

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