“Hangover Bus” Offers Vitamins and Fluids on Las Vegas Strip

Offbeat, Travel News — By christinegarvin on April 30, 2012 at 10:28 am

Praise be to all that is sacred! The perfect invention has just been unveiled in Sin City, where it may be most needed.

Anesthesiologist Jason Burke has just introducedHangover Heaven” in Las Vegas: a bus service that tours the strip, giving vitamins, amino acids, and other medications to the morning-after distraught.

So how long does it take for these treatments to banish a hangover? Just 45 short minutes, claims Burke – at least for 90% of the people.

You don’t even have to go searching for the bus, or wait for it at a designated time. You simply call in advance to be picked up at a certain spot (or you can track where it is on their website).

Image: Hangover Heaven

The bus offers two comfy lounge areas and six bunk beds, but that’s where the party ends, at least if you are afraid of needles. Yep, the goods are administered via needles, which explains the quick recovery time.

Of course, the treatment’s going to cost you – this is Las Vegas, after all. The basic ‘Redemption’ package is $130, and includes only IV hydration. If you want to get rid of that nausea and inflammation, it’ll cost you $200 for the ‘Salvation’ treatment. Hopefully you won big on the tables the night before during your bender.

Really, it’s a fantastic business idea to place smack-dab in the middle of the city that needs it most. But we can’t help but wonder if it’ll drive binge drinking up even more, considering most people have to sit out at least the next day when dealing with a particularly horrible hangover. Now, they’ll be able to get those Bloody Mary’s in by noon after a morning treatment.



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