The Most Ridiculous Things You Can Buy with Airline Miles

Offbeat, Travel News — By christinegarvin on May 21, 2012 at 11:46 am

You probably believed that you could only use airline miles to pay for flights, hotels, or rental cars. Au contraire.

Airline miles can apparently be used for so much  more according to a newly published study. Thanks to Idea Works, a marketing research company, we now know exactly what those miles can get you.

If you start to hyperventilate every time you strap yourself into your plane seat, then the 35,000 points at Virgin Atlantic for “Flying Without Fear Classes” are certainly more than worth it. If you are on IcelandAir, you can get a “happy marriage cake” for just 650 miles (though we are unsure what is in the cake or how large it is).

Image: Richard Moross/Flickr

There’s the do-gooder option: Delta has a Habitat for Humanity homebuilding project to which people can donate miles. On the other side of things, you can fly a whole lot for many years and eventually get yourself a $3.5 million yacht from Eithad Airways for a mere 386 million miles. That is, if yachts still exist once you rack up that amount of miles.

Why do airlines offer these random rewards? To keep people interested, and to keep a certain clientele loyal to a particular brand. The larger rewards offered are often quirky and are particular to the airline.

Lower reward offerings, such as free flights and hotel rooms, are a part of all programs and, therefore many customers use different airlines to rack up miles.


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