Surprises in Japan

Asia, Japan — By maggie on June 15, 2012 at 9:09 am
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In the land of the rising sun, some things are seen in the light of day while other things remain in the shadows.  Japan is a nation that’s full of surprises around each corner.    From the food to the train travel, the unexpected awaits.

Train in Tokyo

Image:  mrhayata/Flickr

Known for having the fastest trains in the world, it’s no surprise that Japan’s Shinkansen railway line has trains that are capable of reaching speeds around 180 mph.  It’s also expected that the Shinkansen is the busiest line in the world transporting 151 million passengers per year and growing.  These high-speed trains are truly a marvel of science.

What you may not expect are the not-so-infrequent delays caused by a common method of suicide in Japan:  jumping on railway tracks.  To avoid this type of delay, don’t take the train on a Monday that falls on the first or last day of the month; odds of an incident run high on those days.

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