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Postcard Perfect: Church of Livadia, Crete

Postcard Perfect: Church of Livadia, Crete April 30, 2012 | Postcard Perfect | Read More
On the island of Crete – the largest of Greece’s islands – stands the Church of Livadia. It has quite the colorful interior, reflecting Crete’s distinctive culture from the rest of Greece. The island has its own poetry form, Mantinades, along with music and indigenous dancing....

Postcard Perfect: Crete

Postcard Perfect: Crete November 21, 2011 | Postcard Perfect | Read More
What could be more magical than the beaches of Greece? This old world country provides a perfect setting for both relaxation and romance. Crete, which is pictured above, offers the largest and most populous island in Greece, and is both significant when it comes to Greece’s economy and cultural...