Amsterdam City Spa Sarphatistraat


Sarphatistraat 32
Amsterdam, Netherlands


088 1301333


Pounding Amsterdam's pavements to take in the numerous historical sights or days spent browsing through the hundreds of museums Amsterdam has to offer can take its toll. So why not treat yourself to one of the top spas or saunas that you'd expect to find in an international city. It's a holiday after all! Whatever your taste, there's a spa for you. From the ultra modern Aveda day spa where you can be pampered using organic products, to a little piece of history at the Deco Spa in the historical canal belt, to the truly sumptuous and extensive modern Spa Zuiver set in a forest on the edge of the city. So make your holiday a relaxing experience too and pop in to one of these spas for a bit of pampering!

And if you're feeling like a break from your city break, you could jump onto one of the Netherland's reasonably punctual trains and head out to one of the bigger spas just outside of the city, often located in beautiful old converted farms, such as the Zwaluwhoeve or spectacular countryside settings. One of the most famous of these, albeit located a good 1.5 train journey from Amsterdam is Thermea 2000. But it's worth it for the excellent views down the mountainside. The Spa has its own hotel, so if you really want to get away from it all, then book one of the reasonably priced special packages for entrance and accommodation.


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