Dr. Fish Amsterdam


Van Baerlestraat 45
Amsterdam, Netherlands


088 1301301


While Dr Fish classifies itself as a spa, it has a very limited and specialist offering which isn't necessarily to everyone's taste. Intrigued? The spa specialises in the removal of dead skin cells using small flesh eating fish! These tiny fish nibble, suck and massage the skin. Friends who've been brave enough to experience this explain that you simply feel a very slight tickling sensation. First impressions were that while it's certainly a very entertaining and extremely unique experience, it was probably less effective than a traditional pedicure.

They claim that this unique treatment is extremely effective with the healing of difficult skin conditions such as psoriasis. In the natural environment of the small fishes used, food is scarce. They have therefore developed the ability to inject a naturally produced enzyme called Dithranol, into the skin. This softens the food, in this instance your skin, enough to enable them to nibble away at the dead skin cells.

The fish used at Dr Fish don't have any teeth, so the result is equivalent to a gentle peeling. The same service can also be applied to hands, in which case the fish focus on the sensitive area around the nails.

For hygiene reasons, guests are checked for any wounds or infections before they start a treatment. The water that they live in is filtered using biological, chemical, UV and mechanical filtratation to ensure that the fish remain healthy and that the environment is hygienic for visitors.

The spa is conveniently located close to the Museum Square which houses the Rijks Museum and the Van Gogh Museum.


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