Klimhal Amsterdam


Naritaweg 48
1043 BZ Amsterdam, Netherlands


+31 (0)20 681 0121


Klimhal (climbing hall) Amsterdam has facilities to suit the beginner and the advanced climber, for groups and individual climbers. The gym is 21 meters high (approx.63 ft), has a climbing surface of more than 2300 m2 and a boulder area of 250 m2.

A part of the climbing wall is specially designed for local, national and even international competition. There are also easier routes for the recreational climber. The instruction wall is available for different skill levels, but particularly for those who wish to improve their technique or absolute beginners. The 'happy radio' wall is designed to improve footwork and test your overhang capacity.

The boulder room is renewed every few months to provide new challenges. Bouldering is a technique where one either climbs little distances to a maximum height of approx. 3- 4 meters or one climbs horizontally. The boulder room of Klimhal Amsterdam is one of the biggest in the Netherlands and equipped with mattresses to break a fall. A special area called 'the ship' is specially built to develop boulder capabilities. The ship has an overhang of 45 degrees.

Courses and tuition is available for all levels and for all ages, including children. Reservations one week in advance are recommended, and there needs to be at least one adult for every 3 children attending.


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