Strand Zuid


Europaplein 22
1078 GZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


020 6392589


Strangely enough, considering Strand Zuid (Beach South) has absolutely no beach at all, it's actually got one of the biggest beach vibes going on of all Amsterdam's beaches – yes, even the real ones with sand and water!

Strand Zuid is located on a lake, as the name suggests, in the south of the city close the to the RAI International Exhibition Centre. The neighbourhood is known for its 'chic' residents, and Strand Zuid attracts its fair share. So dig out your best beach outfit if you want to be 'seen' at Strand Zuid. It's not the sort of 'beach' that you take children to.

What you can expect from Strand Zuid, which you don't find on many beaches, is an excellent restaurant. In summer, you and your friends can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the terrace, in the lounge, or while sitting on one of the 80 deckchairs on the sandy garden area.

Main courses range from Euro 13 for a salad to Euro 23 for steak (prices 2011). Weekend evenings usually have a themed party evening with guest DJ playing chilled out tunes.


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