Zuiderbad Zwembad


Hobbemastraat 26
1071 ZC Amsterdam, The Netherlands


+31 20 678 1390


The Zuiderbad (South Swimming Pool) was built in 1897 by architect Jonas Ingenohl, although it was initially an indoor driving school, followed by use as a showroom. Only in 1912 was it opened as a state-of-the-art swimming pool, one of the first to have central heating and electric lighting. Because it wasn't built as a pool, the 700,000 liter pool actually sits ontop of the floor rather than in it, so visitors have to climb stairs to get into the pool. The pool was renovated in the late '90s but still retains all of its old world charm with individual changing cabins around the side of the pool, brass fixtures and historical mosaic tiling.  Even the original sand water filter in the basement still performs the same function almost 100 years on.

The pool is located on the Hobbemakade, opposite the Rijksmuseum. When visiting Amsterdam, don't forget your trunks and do have a look at this historical indoor pool.


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