To Omorfo


Xenokratous 50
Athens, Greece


+30 210 722 6830

NileGuide Expert tip:

When you're finished, you'll need to flag the waiter for your bill. This place is certainly a local eatery and Greeks are used to tables being occupied for hours.


To Omorfo means "The Beautiful," and the taverna just a few flights of steps down from the base of Lycavittous Hill captures the essence of Athens in the 1940's and 50's in spite of opening in the last decade. Whereas the nearby, longtime residential establishment for lunching, O Philippos, get the award for customer loyalty, To Omorfo has it's own charm with a warm, cozy interior, bright marigolds on the table, cantatas of a bygone era playing softly on the overhead speakers, and consistently fresh, traditional Greek dishes served promptly by a courteous waitstaff. The fare changes daily, but do partake in the heavenly "tiropita" or cheese pie and their delicious soups, both mainstays.

The times we have visited, the staff had at least one team member that spoke very good English. Even if it weren't the case, the procedure is classical taverna style: walk straight back to the glass display case with the pans of food underneath. Point to the ones that you'd like as well as a beverage, and return to your seat. Plan on eating family style; the portions are generous.

Important note: the bathroom is located up a narrow, spiraling staircase. It could prove challenging for anyone with mobility issues.


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