Jewish Museum of Greece (The)


39 Nikis Street
On the left side of Nikis as you walk away from Syntagma Sq
10557 Athens, Greece


+30 210 322 5582

NileGuide Expert tip:

Give yourself at least an hour to move through the museum and don't miss the multimedia presentation on the buildup to the holocaust of World War II.


While it's called the Jewish Museum, this collection of a people's history going back over 2,000 years is fascinating in its examination of the melting of cultures. The majority of the Jewish population of Greece arrived when they were pushed from Spain, Portugal and Italy in the middle ages. They adopted the customs of their new land while still preserving their own language and traditions, which can be seen in the museum through handicrafts, costumes, and personal objects. The museum then lays out the events that lead to the humiliation, exclusion, and finally, extermination of over eighty percent of the Jewish population.

Most touching are the stories of certain, prominent Greeks including Archbishop Damaskinos who took brave and life-endangering measures to protect hundreds of Jewish Greeks.


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