Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump

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The only true bungy jump in Auckland

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Harbour Bridge
Auckland, New Zealand


(0800) 286 4958


Imagine yourself going on a stunning bridge walk over the Waitemata Harbour. Only this is not just a bridge walk as you will also being jumping off. Don't worry! You'll have a bit of elastic tied to your ankles, sweet as. A J Hackett is the world expert in bungy jumps and you could be in no better hands than his (and his crew's) if your goal in visiting New Zealand is to do a jump. There are a few different options and the 'water touch' one is one of the favourites. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a scardey cat, 40 minutes after you head out to the "bungy pod", you'll be showing off to your mates and putting on that free T-shirt.


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