Maudie's Too


1212 South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78704




This local Tex-Mex chain has a cult-like following. They sell a t-shirt that reads, "I don't need no stinkin' menu!" After your second or third visit, you probably won't need one either. Their dishes are addictive, and many people stick with their favorite dish every time they visit. To be clear, this is not interior Mexican food; this is Tex-Mex, and cheese is the star of the show. The Hernandez plate is two enchiladas smothered in melted cheese (queso) and chili (really, it's mostly queso with just little bits of chili meat). The Tio Chon special is basically the Hernandez plate with lettuce, tomato and ranchero sauce on top. Margaritas, frozen or on the rocks, are made of fresh-squeezed lime juice, and people will look at you funny if you don't order one. There's a margarita on just about every table. On Sundays in summer, this is a popular post-lake destination. The expansive outdoor patio is a good place for lounging and sunset watching.


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