Mont Nom Sod (Milk and Bread Shop)


160/2-3 Dinso Rd
Bangkok, Thailand



NileGuide Expert tip:

If you're with kids who have had a finicky time of Thai food, this will be a big hit. Come here on a full moon day for the creamy pumpkin flavor.


Mont Nom Sod or Mont Nomsot sells only toast and milk-based drinks but people nearly push and shove to get to the counter. This location is the original on Dinso Road right across the street from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Building, just a couple blocks from Wat Suthat and the Giant Swing. Thick pieces of toasted white bread are smothered with all sorts of very sweet toppings: condensed milk, creamy peanut butter, coconut custard, creamy taro, creamy corn, strawberry jam, creamy green tea and just plain sugar. Creamy taro is only served Mondays and creamy pumpkin is reserved only for full moon days. It's like a full moon party on toast. The green-colored kanom pang sang khaya is the most popular toast/topping selection. (You may see sang khaya, another coconut custard variety, sold in the streets with sala pao.) Fresh milk is the drink of choice and you can have it blended with coffee, green tea, chocolate, Ovaltine, cha dum yen (to make cha yen), and a strawberry syrup (to make sala milk). For something unusual try butterfly pea milk, flavored with a blue vine flower of that name. Order in or carry out. Larger bottles of flavored milks are also for sale. You'll find all sorts of spellings for this place: Mon Nom Sod, Mon Nom Sot or Nomsot, but the sign on the door says Mont. Mont Nom Sod means "magic fresh milk." Visit another location in MBK on the second floor on the side closest to Pratumwan Princess Hotel.


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