Saman Turkish Restaurant


1043/5 Sun Square Silom, Silom 21-23, Silom Road
Bangkok, Thailand
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It's pronounced "shaman." If you want kebabs, eggplant salad, pide, lentil soup, or fresh yogurt, this is the place. A picture of Ataturk hangs on the wall next to the Thai Royal Family. Turks make the food and the quality is good. Get some Turkish tea or Turkish coffee as well. Doner (lamb) is delicious and the authenticity is what makes the place. Drink some ayran (water, salt and yogurt mixed). Alcohol is served. The location is not far from State Tower. Heading away from the BTS SkyTrain along Silom Road look for it in the courtyard on the left just before the highway overpass. It's behind the Seashell Museum.
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