The Gundeldinger District has suffered from its proximity to the Central Train Station (Bahnhof Basel SBB), but slowly and surely it is attracting attention. Basel's newest brewery, Unser Bier (meaning, "Our Beer") has recently moved into the area, and you can sample its delicious beer in its very own watering-hole. The Gundeldingerhof is a good place to eat and if you are particularly partial to coffee, then you will no doubt feel at home in La Columbiana, where beans are freshly roasted. The Bücher-Brocky is a must for those in search of intellectual nourishment. The area surrounding the Rathaus (City Hall) is where many locals eat out. Traditional Swiss cuisine, such as Rösti (shredded fried potato with various other ingredients) can be found on the menu at the Hasenburg. This inn is extremely atmospheric, partly because it is seemingly stuck in a time warp; many years ago, there was actually a ban on knitting here! The Zum Roten Engel on the Andreasplatz is known for its excellent cakes and generous caffè latte. Its quiet premises make it ideal for intimate conversation. The Bio Andreas bakery next door, specializes, as its name suggests, in organic breads and if you do happen upon the shop, be sure to buy some of its famous olive bread. Naturally, no city would be complete without its department stores and Basel's finest is the upscale Globus. This is also situated near the Town Hall and its Deli section is particularly noteworthy. One of the city's main squares, the Münsterplatz, is also near the Town Hall. In the past, it has been described as Europe's most beautiful parking lot. The houses that flank it are very impressive and you can easily walk to the scenic Pfalz, which is behind the Münster from here. This is a very romantic spot; you will soon notice why Basel is such a beautiful place. Once you have admired the view, you can visit the Museum für Kulturen (Ethnographic Museum) and learn more about cultures from all over the world. The many fast food joints, cinemas, cafes, reasonably priced clothes and music stores around the Barfüsserplatz make it especially attractive to teenagers and the Music Center claims to have the biggest selection in all of Switzerland. The Barfüsserplatz is also the site of many markets, with these varying depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Bars such as the Rio Bar, the Manger et Boire and Bar Cafe Des Art's around this neighborhood also mean that you will find lots of the in-crowd here.






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