Hai Dian District

Haidan, Beijing's university district, is a trek from downtown Beijing, but it is worth it for the cheap clothing boutiques, authentic Korean restaurants, and the live music scene. Buzzing with the energy of local and foreign students, Haidan is also home to the must-see Summer Palace and Beijing Botanical Gardens.


Sculpting in Time (Diaoke Shiguang)
Xue Hua Café
Jamyang Tea House
Ming Hui Tea House
Cafe Yogur Berry
Hai Dian Theater
13 Club
Red House (The)
180° Club
NASA Disco
China Film Archives
Nishang Bar
Sunflower Village Food
Cloud Nine Bar
Club Taku
Haidian Theater
Fauré Hin Coffee Square
Capital Indoor Stadium
Peking University Gymnasium
Peking University Hall (100th Anniversary Auditorium)
Jin Ming Square Café
China Agricultural University Gymnasium
Beijing Shooting Range CTF
La Bamba
BTV Theater
Beijing Sammie's
Hong Lu Tea House
National Library of China Concert Hall
Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium
Fenglan International Small Theater
Pyro Pizza
Bridge Cafe
Lion King KTV
Rhine River Bar
Blue Jay
Wu Fu Teahouse
Teahouse of Prince Gong's Mansion (Gong Wang Fu Chaguan)
Rookle Bar


Sai Na Wei Er Kating Club
Museum of Revolutionary Military
All Sages Bookstore
Seventeen-Arch Bridge (Shiqi Kong Qiao)
Shuang An Department Store
Shangri-la Health Club
Guo Lin Feng Bookstore
Haidian Book City
Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium
02 SUN Bookstore
Beijing Shooting Range CTF
Cao Xue Qin Memorial Hall
Capital Indoor Stadium
Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Gymnasium
Five Pagoda Temple
Jin Wu Xing Shopping Mall
Marble Boat (Shi Fang)
Forest Song Bookshop
Great Bell Temple
Summer Palace (Yi He Yuan)
Beijing World Art Museum
China Century Altar
Disanji Bookstore
Around Beijing on boats
Temple of Recumbent Buddha
National Museum of China (Guojia Bowuguan)
China Agricultural University Gymnasium
National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature
China Bee Museum
Temple of Enlightenment (Dajuesi)
Beijing Big Bell Museum
Haidian Theater
Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Tai Ping Yang Underwater World
Beijing Aquarium
Beijing Art Museum
Museum of Art of Stone Carving
Beijing Bai Wang Shan Forest Park
Chinese Science and Technology Exhibition Hall
Beijing Botanical Garden (Cherry Valley)
Peking University Gymnasium
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
Purple Bamboo Garden (Zizhuyuan Park)
Beijing Film City
Summer Palace (The)
Beijing Jin Xiu Da Di Agricultural Garden
Friendship Hotel Pool
Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium
Design Museum
Wang Bi Archery Club
Enterprise Management Publishing House
Dang Dai Shopping Centre
Beijing Zoo
Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium
Ruins of the Old Summer Palace
Beijing Cheng Xiang Trade Center


Xinjiang Islam Restaurant
Still Thoughts Vegetarian Restaurant
Café Cha
Beijing Sammie's
Jade Garden
Hong Lu Tea House
Red House
Golden Peacock Dai Ethnic Flavour
Yan Zhao Tea Garden
Crazy Dogs
Jin Ming Square Café
Cai Yunjian
Sa Lang Bang
Thailand and Thailand Seafood City
Tube Station Sandwich
Jiu Tou Ying Restaurant
Carousel Revolving Restaurant
Han Na Shan
Red House (The)
Cloud Nine Bar
Edun Restaurant (Xisanqi shops)
Baijia Dayuan
13 Club
D-22 Club
Three Guizhou Men
Rhine River Bar
Bravo Italia Ristorante
The Bridge Cafe
Club Taku
Fauré Hin Coffee Square
Xue Hua Café
Fei Teng Yu Xiang
Tube Station Pizza (Formerly Kro's Nest)
Volga Russian Restaurant
Sculpting In Time (Diaoke Shiguang)
La Bamba
Weiwei Roast Chicken Restaurant
Wu Fu Teahouse
Pyro Pizza
Xi Yuan Hotel's Restaurant
Blu Lobster
Shu Wei Nong Delicious


Beijing Tian Tian Holiday Hotel
Xinxing hotel
Beijing Xinze Hotel
Royal Garden Hotel
Long Du hotel
Beijing Yiquan Mountain Villa Hotel
Chang Chun Yuan Hotel
Aman at Summer Palace
Yu Long Hotel
Media Hotel
Olympic Hotel
Zhong Yuan Hotel
Zi Yu Hotel
Beijing City Courtyard Hotel
New Century Hotel
Peking University International Youth Hostel
Da Zhong Si Hotel
Empark Grand Hotel
Fragrant Hills Hotel
Friendship Hotel
Qing Hua Yuan Hotel
Huang Yuan Hotel
Jade Palace Hotel
Ji Men Hotel

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