LG-15 Sanlitun North



NileGuide Expert tip:

Sit under a giant Mao painting for max effect


This simple but contemporary Chinese joint provides a few new twists on traditional fare, but the food isn't great for the high price. RMB250-450 per couple means you're paying over USD50 for a meal that won't fill you up and will leave you scratching your head about the odd food pairings.

The theme is The Great Helmsman and his addiction to the masses. While the Helmsman overlooks you as you dine on high-end cuisine that the majority of the Chinese could never afford, you're irony radar should be beeping on overtime.

The staff are not what we'd call friendly, and they seem less concerned with serving the clients than with chatting with each other while your food gets cold in their hands.

Still, for a cultural "experience" dining with Mao watching over you, this isn't a horrible located option, especially if you don't mind blowing through your cash for pig fat, burnt vegetables and oddly chopped chicken chunks.

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