Atlanta’s Best Coffee Shops

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There is nothing like a good ‘ole cup of Joe when you really need it. There is also nothing like a good cup of Joe in a great environment. There is something to be said about good service, prime location and, of course, quality grinds. Luckily, Atlanta has a great selection of coffee houses that have just that. When you’re looking for your caffeine fix, visit one of these great coffee shops for a top-notch beverage.

Octane Coffee Company
Octane Coffee Company is a local favorite, boasting two great locations—one in downtown and one near Emory University. From its cool digs and friendly service to its variety of menu items, there is a ton to be happy about when you are enjoying a caffeinated beverage at Octane. Even better, this spot also serves alcohol and is known for its selection of craft beers.

A free-standing coffee and wine house on Highland Avenue, JavaVino has a loyal crowd of regulars that visit each morning and stay until night. Brewing coffee from around the world as well as some sourced from the owners’ coffee farm in Nicaragua, this place takes its job seriously. With a menu of breakfast items, sandwiches and desserts, JavaVino also serves up a variety of wines to enjoy late at night when bedtime is near.

San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company
As its name indicates, this place roasts its own coffee on a daily basis. The aroma from this endeavor can be detected down the street from its Virginia-Highland location. Along with coffee, guests enjoy New York-style bagels, pastries and free Wi-Fi.

Inman Perk Coffee
Once a singular neighborhood coffee spot, Inman Perk Coffee now boasts three locations in metro Atlanta. Serving an array of hot and cold beverages, this quaint family-owned business is well known for its decadent desserts and artwork created by local artists. Stop by for a blueberry scone, raspberry mocha or just a bit of conversation.

Café Intermezzo
Inspired by German and Austrian coffeehouses, Café Intermezzo is a popular spot for first dates and late night meals. Offering a huge menu of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), food and desserts, the European ambiance makes you forget you are in Atlanta and on one of the city’s busiest roads—Peachtree Street. From coffee drinks, wines and beers to soups, salads and small plates, Café Intermezzo can be a night’s destination or a late night afterthought.

Aurora Coffee
Another Virginia-Highland favorite, Aurora Coffee is in a prime location near the well-known corner of Virginia and North Highland Avenues. Founded in 1992, this coffee spot attracts neighborhood regulars and those that wish they were. In the center of the neighborhood’s shops and restaurants, Aurora is a great place to take and afternoon rest and recharge with a cup of coffee.

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