Atlanta Supermarket Sweep: Savi Urban Market

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Savi Urban Market in Atlanta’s Inman Park has wide assortment of delectable snacks to choose from. During a recent run into the local grocer I discovered lots of organic treats as well as locally made items to fulfill my cravings. From the sweet to the salty, these snacks are great to grab for a road trip or to keep at home or in your desk drawer when the hunger pangs begin to hit.

Earth-Friendly Kelp
Not always a crowd favorite, but definitely a unique option, wild kelp is used in soups and salads or can or cut up into bite-sized pieces roasted in the oven or skillet and eaten as a healthy snack. This particular Wild Atlantic Kombu meets all the OCIA Organic Standards for sustainable harvesting and handling so even if you aren’t wild about the taste you’re helping support sustainability with its purchase. Made without processing or washing out of its minerals, the kelp needs to be checked for hidden pebbles before chewing.

Hometown Fudge
Always a crowd favorite, mint chocolate swirl Sweet Surrender fudge will satisfy the fat kid inside. This hometown product is made in Atlanta with cream, butter and other secret ingredients. Indulgently rich, this goody lives up to the package slogan, “Fudge Therapy…No Appointment Needed.”

Hot Chips
Eye candy and spice, Mama Zuma’s Revenge Habanero Potato Chips originate in Middletown, Va., but are quite popular all over. A mixture of sweetness and heat, these specialty chips are great for sharing with your travel buddies or coworkers. Made with a barbecue blend of dried habanero and chipotle powder, sensitive stomachs should opt out or risk Mama Zuma’s Revenge becoming Montezuma’s Revenge—a traveler’s worst nightmare.

Local Biscotti

For something less abrasive on the stomach, stick with some locally produced biscotti. Baked up in Suwanee, Ga. at David Jeffries Kitchen, these tasty cookies come in a variety of flavors—from lemon-scented and cinnamon pistachio to chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia nut. A popular product at Atlanta’s farmer’s markets, these Italian cookies are made with organic ingredients and local products.


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