Plan for a New Year of Travel

What's New — By Claudine Williams on December 1, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Photo by Mattlem Mon

Whether you like it or not, the New Year is approaching. Why not begin to make your resolutions (and plans to keep them) now? Do you feel that you traveled enough in 2011, or do you regret spending so many beautiful, sunny days indoors.  Let’s not repeat the past. Make your travel resolutions now.

Perhaps there is a new attraction that you’d like to see. Make your plans now. If traveling isn’t in your budget, you need to make a plan to save the money that you need to get where you’d like to go. Maybe you need to increase your finances, because your budget is stretched too thin. A side job might be your answer.

Are you trying to travel to some of the great destinations outside of Atlanta? Are you thinking about getting together with your friends for a special weekend? Plan your road trip now. You can probably save money if you book hotel rooms far in advance.

An effective list of travel resolutions will go beyond listing your dreams. Put some power and thought into your list, by including details on how you will achieve your goals. These details can consist of getting that side job to pay for a trip, calling up your friends for a get-away, and making some reservations.