Five Romantic Places to Propose in Bali

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By ntjhin on October 31, 2011 at 7:11 am
Romantic Dinner by the Jetty. Photo by AYANA.

Romantic Dinner by the Jetty. Photo by AYANA.

Romantic Dinner by the Jetty
The AYANA Resort and Spa Bali boasts some of the most impressive spots in all of Bali. One such spot stands head over shoulders in terms of romance and privacy. The Romantic Dinner by the Jetty is a dinner package that is available for only one booking each day. The dinner takes place in a private wooden jetty jutting out into the ocean that is situated a distance away from AYANA’s other busier establishments. At the end of the jetty is a small enclave, upon which a table sits for you and your lady. A personal butler will be situated for your convenience, as well as a group of traditional gamelan musicians to add a touch of Bali into your romantic dinner. What better place to pronounce your undying love and pop the ultimate question? If you are looking to book this package, be sure to call early, as the waiting line goes months in advance.

Sunset Sailing
Most sail-boat tour operator will have a package that allows you to enjoy the stunning sunset from the sea. Shop around and ask for a private tour with a smaller boat which can be rented exclusively for you and your lady. Tours usually start out with a short snorkeling trip, followed by sunset viewing and a delicious barbeque dinner. This is a great way to enjoy the sun, sea and the stunning views of Bali. Another plus point is that you will be able to pick your snorkeling spots, which will usually translate to a more enchanting experience. During the stunning sunset, you magical and romantic atmosphere will lend itself to a successful proposal.

The Birdcage
The Birdcage is a contemporary landmark that is the icon of Alila Uluwatu. This luxurious establishment boasts interior design that is minimalist and edgy, with the Birdcage taking center stage in the resorts architectural planning. The venue serves as a lounge / bar for guests of the luxurious Alila Uluwatu, and is a perfect place to ask for your lady’s hand in marriage. Jutting out from the side of the cliff, it gives you perfect view of the surrounding landscape, as well as that breathless feeling of being up in the air. Truly a great spot to declare your undying love.

Klapa Beach Club
The hip beach club of Klapa is crowded and boisterous. Fortunately, there are plenty of spots within the vicinity to get some privacy and enjoy some private moments. The establishment now offers a barbequed dinner spread from the roof of the establishment, which gives you and your lady a stunning view of the setting sun as you dig into your dinner.

High up in the central mountains of Bali is the region of Kintamani. The area is home to a volcanic lake, the Lake Batur and Volcano, which is a great place to unwind and enjoy with your loved one. You’ll need approximately 2 hours from Kuta area to drive up. This is best done with a driver who knows the way. Once you have reached Kintamani, enjoy the cooling breeze at one of the various restaurants overlooking the lake, and then head down towards the bottom of the lake and check into one of the various hot-springs resorts located there. This is an excellent place to spend a quiet, relaxing, romantic night with your loved one.