Chu: Churros and Chocolate in Bangkok

Food, What's New — By Kevin Revolinski on December 16, 2010 at 5:37 pm

Chocoholics are going to go wild for Chu. This new sort of chocolate and churro focused dessert bar in Exchange Tower at Asoke junction is right across from True Fitness on the second floor. The first thing you’ll see if you enter from the pedestrian bridge from the Skytrain station is the fountain of chocolate in the window.

The owner, a former food critic now turned full-time restaurateur, lamented that Bangkok didn’t have much in the way of true hot chocolate. Teas and coffees, sure, but real chocolate — the kind you slow melt into a drinkable form, not the powder variety — not so much. Chu offers imported French dark, white, and milk chocolate as well as some spicier blends to put a twist on it.

But the name Chu comes from another oddity, at least for Bangkok: churros. This Mexican take on the donut were popular in Australia where the owner once studied and he always imagined they’d do well back in Thailand.

But Chu is more than just the hot chocolate/churro combo. A counter shows a variety of photogenic, chocolate-influenced desserts. Consider the white chocolate, macademia panna cotta. Or molten, gooey chocolate cake.

Be prepared for a sugar high. If you are looking for death by chocolate in Bangkok, this is the place.

Coffee drinks — hot and iced — are also served, and there is free WiFi for patrons.

The owner also runs the traditional Thai restaurant Boran next door. Stop in to see what a soda rocket is.

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